Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Martinez Family Reunion

Toinks... After a 24 hour rest, balik ulit sa dati. Wake up early, to prepare again for the reunion. This time it's on my Father's side. Inaantok pa ako at bigla na naman akong inutusan. I've done all the task and we've decided to go to BAGAC ( dito kame magrereunion weh. sa resthouse baga.) We departed at 9:00 and arrived there at 9:45. Binaba na ang gamit and then bilang pasok sa room because i want to rest. I slept for about an hour then i've decided to watch TV. ESPN yung channel. I was surprised by the show. It was the World Championship ng Figure Skating. I saw my supah dupah crush, si Mao Asada and Kim Yu-Na. Ang galing nila magskate.
After a while, napansin ko andun na pala sina Ate. Kakadating lang. Then mga 5 minutes after, my uncle from Manila came kasama ang mga insans. We talked and talked and chat lang. 2 when we ate dinner . Tsalap ng ulam. SUGPO!!! Bbwahahaha... my favorite.
We ate and ofcourse nagligpit din kame. Dumating mga bandang 3 ung relatives namin from Arayat, Pampanga. Hahaha... sina Tito Edwin and Lola. I blessed. Here I met my 17 year old Uncle, Si uncle Nei Nei.. bwahahah... pinapatanda na kaagad. We chat a little.
Nung mga bandang 5 na, it's time for the programme, Nalaro ng kung anu-ano. Engot game and whatsoever.. Tapos nun nagdinner na.. And end up the day pagkatapos ng dinner.
Umalis na sila sa Bagac but we will remain there. Tata.. The Second Day was cool also and it was fine. It was one of my nice vacation!

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