Saturday, February 2, 2008

January Happenings

Jan. 01- Celebrated the New Year with my family. Also, i found the 3 colors of fireworks that symbolizes my guide and inspiration.. Start of the old plan diet

Jan 02 - Greeted my cousin who celebrated her birthday. All day in the internet.

Jan. 03 - Gone to Eastwood, Libis to join to Kuia Bodie's thanksgiving party. Greeted my friend Paolo who celebrated his birthday.

jan 04 - Greeted Gege.. Not much of work.

Jan 06 - Woke up early in the morning to go to church. Greeted Boderick. a Get together at our house.

jan 07- classes started. New stories, new laughs... sharing experiences with the past vacation.

jan 08- greeted arjohn.! Gave him Doding " the rat doll" which i bought at watsons.

jan 09- Good Day! Celebrated my 16th birthday. Family and Friends greeted me!! Alone in the night.

jan 11- Rumors about the UPCAT results. Jolly's Birthday PArty..

jan 12- Nalaman ang UPCAT results wherein i failed to pass the exam. Aminado ako.., Umiyak ako but i was happy then.

jan 16- NCAE Results released.

Jan. 31- Class TOp announced. I was Top 1!!

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