Saturday, July 19, 2008

College Professors

hey guys! wheew! it's been a month and 9 days since the first day of class in my tertiary level. Im just wondering why i haven't post anything about my college professors.

Hmm... since i have a vacant time.. i want you to meet the prestige teachers of New Era University controlling my block section E-3...

On Mat 171 - College Algebra & Math 172- Plane and Spherical Trigonometry we have Dr. Corazon Quintana who is one of my favorite teachers. She reminds me of my highschool favorite teacher.. Mam Araceli Marteja.

On Philo 1 - Logic we have Dr. Alipio Garcia who recently presented his case study and i congratulate him for that approved project.

On Hum 1 - Art Appreciation, E-3 is under Professor JOseph William Hollis. He is also the conductor of the NEU MAle Chorale ( An organization where i belong).

On Chm 171 - College Chemistry, we are fortunate to have Professor Cyda O. Meimban. She is so cool in teaching and i salute her because she's great in chemistry and i think i should study more hard to pass her subject.

On PE 1- Physical Fitness we have Professor Renato Echavez Jr. He is also the coach of the NEU Junior Varsity Team.

On Chm 171 L - a co requisite of Chm 171.. we have Bro. Joey Red. He's a minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

On ES 171 D- engineering Drawing we have Engr. Leonardo Bolaybolay..

there you go... they're my current mentors and i hope that i will pass their subjects. Gluck to me.


shielamyr said...

ano po ung book na ginagamit nyo ky ma'am quintana???

shielamyr said...

ano po ung book na ginagamit nyo ky ma'am quintana??

Kim Arian H. Oamilda said...

kuya nasan k po ngayon? we need you as now po magcecelebrate po ng 35th anniversary ang male chorale ngayon we need you to interview april 3, 2015 @ 6pm po ang concert sa tabernacle choir 6 pm pero before nun gusto k nming mainterview