Thursday, July 3, 2008

Highschool Memoirs

waahh... it's been a year and i still remember the LAST "FIRST DAY of highschool". 4th year always reminds me of my freaking classmates which some of them i miss the most. Every moment with the other WOIYAL VRAUDS, talking about college and whatever stuffs we had to talk about even though it is over and over. Hehehe..

A flashback of the UPCAT also reminds me these days. I had taken that test aka University of the Philippines College Admission Test, which UP is my second school of choice. "Kuya Mako, anu ba magandang course na non-quota?" yan ang tanong nang karamihan ng mga senior students of arellano sa akin. I always refer them to take Agriculture or Forestry in UPLB, yun kasi iung may mga mababang requirements and fyi dun lang ako pede mag-apply if ever i did my plan on studying in the prestige and well-known university in the country. Nakakainis kung minsan kasi i always remeber the test questions specially on that freak Chemistry. Hindi ko kasi nareview iung Periodic Table, i was focused on equations, lalo na when it concern is abouit MOLE.

wahh.. kakabaliw. We even talk about where to live. But unfortunately,
i was only the one out of seven that can appeal at a exact UP school... ( LB nga di ba? :P) pero di ko na tinuloy masyadong malayo and i cant freely taste the essence of being a ManileƱo.. Currently, im studying at my third choice of school, New Era University, at my 10th choice of course, BS Civil Engineering. I'd like to say pala. that my first choice of school is Ateneo De Manila University, pero unfortunately di ako pinakuha ng exam and mahal xado ng tuition..

Woohh... basta i miss my highschool buddies... See yah when i come back to the province

i guess this is all for today... GTG for my next class.. Engineering Drawing kay Engr. Bolaybolay... TC :P

---- mako -----


Kevin said...

Pareho tayo. Haha Initially wanted to study at Ateneo with the course I chose. 1 year later, ito na ako, in a position na sobrang layo on how i wanted it to be. pero ayos lang. there's a reason naman for that, diba? hehe

nga pala, thanks sa pagdaan sa blog mo at sa pagbasa mo sa aking mahabang post :)

Mako Andyelo said...

adik ka kevin...

miss you bro..

thanks sa comment