Sunday, September 28, 2008

i found something

wheew... it's a long trip from manila to the place where i usually been years ago. hehe im back o the province. Serves as a surprise for my beloved family. hehe :P

My mom gave me a sheet of yellow paper and i read something interesting. 'twas the composition of my 9 year-old sister on the 25th of September. A song entitled someday, here it goes...

Someday i could be someone,
Someday we could meet,
Just the answer is maybe,
Someday i will grow up,
Someday or somewhere over there,
We could just stop for a while,
And we will discover ourselves
And see what we can do.


Someday i could be someone,
Someday i could be rich and famous
Because I'm just like a flower covered with weeds
Someday i could be free
Someday i could fly like a bird in the sky
I just want to be free, I'm just trying to be one.

Someday this would be true
Someday I could see the sky
Someday the sun will shine on me
Just the answer is maybe

Repeat Chorus

Someday (3x) I will be free

* isn't that amazing. By the way, this song is delightfully dedicated to his crush.. c L....... secret..

Have a great day!

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