Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me before the Finals

waah... it's been a long time since my last post here.

oh well, ummm. how are you doing by the wAY? i hope you are in good condition. me? umm i should say that i have proved that i am on my way in a toxic lifestyle. Constant lack of sleep and most of the time work and studying.

Lot of loads at school. Right now, i am experiencing a different hectic schedule. Inter-block Competition at school where i am playing volleyball for my block. Then followed by the Finals in Humanities, the Performing Arts and also in PE, the whatever cheer dance. After that, the performances on and off campus for i am a member of one of the school's prestige choirs.

WaaHH.. it is really a hectic schedule that results a 5 hour sleep. Almost tired and getting tired everyday.

sssHhhaammmee.. hehehe... but i know that GOD will help me to conquer this hectic schedule and i hope that he will guide me to success in passing all my subjects for the 1st semester. i hope so. :]

i guess this is all for this post... i'll post more interesting and creative entries next time. Till then, keep safe always... :]

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