Friday, November 28, 2008


I considered this movie, TWILIGHT the best movie i have seen for this year. Lots of people were inspired by the love that was expressed from the film. Nice work for the casts specially to Mr. Robert Pattinson (who has been my favorite during Harry Potter 4) and Ms. Kristen Stewart & its production staff, and Of course to the author of the book Stephanie Meyer. I can't wait for it's sequel: new moon.

" When you can live forever, What do you live for?"

favorite Lines:
"I Don't Have the Strength to leave you now." , "You are my life now", " If Im dumb, will you tell the truth?", "What If I'm not the Superhero? What If I'm the bad guy?"

By the way, i've watched the film together with my trusted classmate Ram last Thursday at TriNoma Cinema 7. (Ram, still on hungover with Bella Swan?)

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