Friday, March 27, 2009

Final Examinations Reactions and Opinions

English 01 ( Prof. S. Villanueva) has a very cute cute exam as he quoted in his teachings. He mixed the items from the midterm exam and also the coverage of all paragraph forms he has taught for the half-sem. Though it has been cancelled twice due to the machine problem. One comment about the exam, it is very unorganized. Students from different schedule has been joined together. Rate: Very Bad but I enjoy it :P

Engineering Science 181 (Engineer. J. Zamora). What the? We took the exam in the library and one of the proctor is Dean Aral. Hehe. ‘twas easy though but some items on the exam are not discussed like the do-switch, looping and etc. Hope I can maintain my 1.50 grade in her subject last midterm.

Filipino 01 (Dr. R. Fuentes). One thing to say, Final exam is a lot of easier than the midterm. The exam focused on the Issues about the Filipino Language. Still, I am wondering what would my grade be. BTW, the proctor on that exam was Dr. Quintana, the one who had given me 3.00 in my math subject last semester. I was nagging as I go out the room. I am afraid of her.

Math 181 (Arch. J. Ramos) very easy though I didn’t know what is the appropriate answer for number one question. What is a series? I want to answer letter D. a show that consists of several episodes. Haha. Before I got home, I already knew my score. I had committed one mistake in the exam.

Math 182 (Dr. L. Hagos). Simple equations prior to prism, cube and other solid object that made me use of the so called dimensional analysis. Engineer. Amador was our proctor. Strange that he’s so kind. Got my grades the 2 days after, 1.25 for finals.

Physics 181 (Engineer. L. Henson). I haven’t met my expectations. I was expecting more on worded problems but it doesn’t appear like that. The exam consists of Theoretical questions and more likely on definition. It’s ok though. I got 2.00 for my finals.

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