Sunday, March 15, 2009


** This is one of my output in English 01 class. A writing output using definition paragraph.

"Friendship is a good process of life among mankind. Lexically speaking, it is a relationship among two or more friends which affects their lives. As a proof, Friendship has many attributes to each individual. It makes one to be complete. Also, it makes oneself to be more mature emotionally and socially. Valuing it will lead you to a stronger and better relationship with others. Building trust and care to each system is consider the main frame of friendship. It doesn’t make one side to be in a box of pessimistic ideas but rather to put it into a jar of good intentions. Understanding, Open-mindedness and Love are the main ingredient of it. If one doesn’t have any of these, your relationship will be chaotic and stressful which eventually come to an end. Friendship is forever. It is not only good for seconds, minutes, and days. It’ll be inside your heart until it stops beating, until one reaches the coldness inside the coffin. In conclusion, Friendship is a lifetime process, Just enjoy each part of it and you’ll never forget it."

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