Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 minute post

Well, well... It is already May and i am still worried of some things. Finance... Academics... Relationships... and so many more things. As a result of this worries, i have been addicted to Facebook's Application named "Pet Society"(Well, I am playing it while i am making this post.).

Just to release these stresses, hours and hours of playing my pets: Kim Hyun Jae(korean huh!?) and Maria Byuleta for them to increase their levels and to treat my self with lots of joy and laughter. hahahahhuh?(their voices while laughing).

By the way, for those who are really concerned about my application to the University of The Philippines Diliman Campus, well, i will take an Exam for BA English Studies ( Hope that i'll pass this exam). Thanks for your endless support and kindness.

Hope that all of us are satisfied of what our summer went. Please visit my blog some other time. It's under construction right now, and ofcourse, more posts to be published soon. :D



P>S> E-3 i miss you a lot! waaahh...

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